WiTraC has arrived: Industry 4.0

Take better and faster business decisions thanks to the positioning, tracking and real time communications


A new digital revolution

In this new information era, industries are evolving to provide a constant monitoring of all production elements. RTLS systems will allow full control of your business. Reduce errors and increase productivity, eficiency and automation


It is a revolution. And a revolution means: wireless

Better Productivity

Increase productivity and eficiency

Reduce errors

Reduce cost and errors of manual processes


Full control. Anytime. Everywhere

Our Services

According to WiTraC's vision, we think that each production process is unique and that is why we develop a full customized solution which adapts to your business needs.


Know at all times where your assets are thanks to our locator hardware.


Manage thousands of devices from our web management platform and record data with a frequency of up to five minutes.


Real-time communication through the web platform designed for information transmission.

Modular solutions

We combine sensor technology and improved communication protocols to meet every need

What is WiTraC RTLS



Smart Metering


Real Time


Smart Devices

Industry 4.0

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Ford trusts on our RTLS solution

Our RTLS Industry 4.0 solution improves industrial and logistics operations thanks to the wirelessly location, monitoring and control in real time of assets, materials and people, both indoor and outdoor.

About us

WiTraC is a young company based in Valencia (Spain) focused on wireless and positioning technologies. With a reduced team of talented and skilled professionals, we can provide communication, tracking and wireless positioning solutions.


We seek continuous improvement in our products.


Collaboration and communication as success key.

Desire to excel

Effort and desire to excel in our daily work.

Customer oriented

The customer as the main focus on our processes.

Our partners


Let us know any doubt or proposal and our skilled technical staff will contact you as soon as possible.

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